This is a brand that bases its appeal on its combination of timeless elegance and glamour, with a commitment to the artisan manufacture of luxury items in a way that protects the sustainability of the environment. It places vegan values at the heart of the business, with a commitment to cruelty – free, genderless and eco – friendly principles that add value to every item in its line. It is the first in the world to use vegetable leather derived from cereals. It combines this desire to sustain the entire planet with a designer’s eye for style, luxurious without being ostentatious. This is a brand that allows each individual to express their own personality, their own feelings, their own values in an ever – changing contemporary world. This is a brand full  of soul, of care, for animals, for people for the planet. Imagined and made in  Tuscany, Non Confunditur is redefining fashion, sharing its vision with the entire world.